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Which truck to buy, old or new?

New TruckOld Trucks
 It comes with new technology.It comes with old technology. 
It typically comes with long warranty There is no warranty given by Default, but there is a chance that seller may give a short-term warranty.
Less consumption of fuel. Also,Charges of other fuel is raised e.g., coolant, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Consumption of fuel is high but no other Expenses to be paid.
It takes less time to repair, drivers can easily repair a small damage. Time of repairing is high. It’s not easy to find a new part.
New trucks come with complicated technology which is hard to repair if there is any major issueIf some major issue arises it can be easily resolved at lower cost.
They are more expensive now a days because of new technology inbuild. Must pay interest rate while paying the Installment.Not too much Expensive as compared to new.  Pay all price at one time although no rate of interest has to pay.

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