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What is full truck load and less truck load?

Sr. No.BasisFull Truck LoadLess Truck Load
1MeaningFull truckload means that the whole truck will be filled by the loadLess truckload means that only a part of truck will be filled by the load
2Load CapacityThis load takes up entire loadThis load does not take up the entire load 
3Also known asEntire truck loadPartial truck load
4Suitable forFragile, delicate, and high-risk types of goods Small business or cargo delivered at multiple places
5Cost EffectiveWhen load is large and requires immediate deliveryWhen load is small and there is no time bound or hurry in delivery
6Time consuming to deliver the goodsNo, as cargo aims at one stop destinationYes, due to more stoppage during shipment
8ReliabilityMore reliableLess reliable
9Ideal Size for shipmentMore than 10,000 pounds 100 to 10,000 pounds
10No of shippersOneUsually more than one

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