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Owner vs Company Truck Driver

Owner Operator DriverCompany Operator Driver
These drivers have their own trucks. These drivers don’t have their own trucks, but they drive the trucks provided by the companies. 
They bear the whole risk by their ownIf there is any damage or mishappening, company bears the risks
They pay the lease of the trucksThere is no impact of lease payment on the driver.
They must pay equipment charges monthly.All equipment charges were already paid.
Fuel cards are also issued to owner operator, but Charges get deducted from their pay. Fuel charges is a company expense in this.
Company pays the monthly insurance of the truck, but it will be deducted per month from drive pay They don’t need to pay insurances.
It requires huge investment There is no investment required
Get high pay as compared to company driver, discount on fuel and maintenance They get paid per mile, no other benefit they get.
Annual licensing, permits, and documentation and taxes.Pay the taxes on their income.

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