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GPS Tracking for Trucks & Trailers, Benefits of GPS Tracking

What is GPS? Introduction to GPS.

Before learning about GPS Tracking, its benefits and other features, lets learn about GPS first. GPS which is short form for Global Positioning System, is space based navigation technology which involves satellites in the space broadcasting navigation signals with network of ground stations and satellite control stations.

GPS is operated and maintained by the Department of Defense (DoD). Largest competitors to GPS are GLONASS by Russia, BeiDou by China, Galileo by European Union, NavIC by India, QZSS by Japan. While NavIC and QZSS are regional services, GLONASS, BEIDOU, Gailleo are international services.

How GPS Works?

As we know understand what is GPS, now lets understand how it works. Manufacturers have created devices with Radio Antenna that coordinates with Satellite to communicate. Okay, but question might be what does it coordinate or what kind of data it sends over Satellites.

GPS Device acquires current Navigational data like Longitude, Latitude, Altitude and other data from Satellite and combines with timestamp and other analogue and digital data based on the device capabilities to send them to Server it was configured to.

So, there are different providers of Tracking services and they have their own servers so they have their different devices. If you want different devices from different companies send data to a single server, that can only be done with technical expert by modifying the hardware properties.

The device may be capable of sending more data, for example Truck Related Telematics Data, Different types sensors like Temperature, Door Lock/Unlock Status and many other possibilities.

Why its Necessary for Truck/Trailers?

GPS Device, which are installed in trucks and trailers to track their movement from one place (city/state) to another. This helps transporters and customers to keep track of their goods , which are getting transported. There are many GPS service providers in USA (Tangerine, Verizon, Samsara, AnyFleet, etc.), and it is one of the key areas of trucking business in USA.

How to Track Trucks/Trailers using GPS? Benefits of GPS Tracking

GPS installed trucks and trailers can be tracked by logging in to their connected accounts provided and created by the GPS service provider. Once a user logs in with the connected account he/she can view all the trucks/trailers associated with the user’s account. Benefits of tracking are:

  • Estimated time of delivery can be calculated.
  • Path can be measured and obstructions on the selected path are alerted based on providers Software which helps us on diverting the path if necessary to avoid delay.
  • Idle time of a truck/trailer.
  • Calculating working hours of a driver.
  • Quick RSA services can be provided to driver in case of any issue in truck or trailer.  
  • Several automations can be done with the help of software to reduce data entry and correct time and location.

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