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Dispatch Management Services

  • Do you face a lack of expert professionals?
  • Do you spend excessive time, cost, and resources on people-intensive tasks?
  • Are your accounting and records maintained up to date?
  • Do you want to track your vehicles and support your drivers in real-time?
  • Do you want to improve your cash flow?

Are you ready to be part of this growth?

Experienced Team

Our leadership and entire team has considerable work experience in the logistics industry. We know how crucial this function is and understand very well how it works. Few aspects that we are well trained in are:

Services related to Dispatch Management

  • Negotiating charges
  • Bidding/DAT boards
  • Coordinating load pickup and load tracking, On-time delivery
  • Appointment confirmation at the unloading docks
  • Collecting POD
  • Real time tracking
  • 24h support to customers
  • End-to-End Services related to Dispatch

Core Principles of XL Infomatics

SOP Based Working

Cost Effective

Maker-Checker Model for Data Accuracy

Data Privacy


Other Services

Driver Management Services

Billing and Factoring Services


Fuel Tracking & Settlements

Analytics & MIS

FAQ Related to Dispatch Management Services we Provide

We do not use any other software or tools to process your data or files. Most of companies process data in Software built for them and then upload/merge the data with your systems. But we work on YOUR software/applications only. You get real-time reports and updates on your data, and we do not have any of your data.

Virtually Yes. We won’t be sitting in your office but, if you prefer, we can work on following way. We ask you to provide secure tunnel to work at your site so we can log-in to your PCs at your location, work on them and log-out. Even you do not need to share credentials with us.

As you will be having reduced infrastructure at your place because you will not be paying for Computers, Internet, Security Equipment or even HR department to manage these persons and equipment’s.

We guarantee, at least 60% of your expenses will be saved by outsourcing your processes as compared to your local onsite working staffs. 

As your business grows, hiring manpower is the most difficult part. But we have quality resources are already in shortlisted and as you require, resources in your team can be increased very easily.

Training the newly hired person, is another difficult & resource consuming job. Also, this process makes operation slower, and data becomes vulnerable and increases chances of wrong data entry. But, in our case, you have to provide training at the beginning of process. That’s all. Once we are trained in a process, our training department makes exceptional training programs and trains resources before assigning them responsibilities. Thus, chances of garbage or incorrect data entry are nil. Also, the unique maker-checker model prevents any remaining chances of in-accuracy.